The Blue Collars – Happy Pills

Well…this was not even remotely close to what I planning on posting (Think more EDM based for the sake of variety). However, sometimes you come across a song that has absolutely no bearing on your life and the lyrics don’t reflect any kind of personal turmoil but for some reason it becomes an instant favourite. That song would seem to be “Happy Pills” by The Blue Collars.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, England, the Blue Collars have been garnering a cult following for their energetic and intense live shows which translates very well into the audio side of things. Think playing the hell out of the chords on your Dad’s (or Mom’s) old Gibson that’s starting to rust, realizing your one note away from reaching bliss or losing the entire song and you have an idea of the teeter-totter the band plays with in terms of mood and melody.

In any case check out the song below and or the stream of the band’s self-titled EP here

*Hopefully, my hyperboles and hype that have been littered and laced through this post don’t take away from the song…it probably will though.

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